Birds of Back Creek

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Pictures and Illustrations reproduced with permission from Simpson & Day Field Guide to the Birds of Australia, Viking (Penguin Books of Australia).

PIC: birds2 Birds 2 GOLDEN WHISTLER - p.226 no.624 Seen at rear of no.4 & S Weafgreen Crt.
PIC: birds3 Birds 3 SPOTTED PARDALOTE - p.174 no.465 Nests in banks - small burrow. Overhanging creek bank.
PIC: birds4 Birds 4 BROWN THORNBILL - p.184 no.499 All along the creek.
PIC: birds5 Birds 5 EASTERN SPINEBILL - p.204 no.571 Seen 4 & 5 Weafgreen Court
PIC: birds6 Birds 6 KOOKABURRA - p.158 no.420 Seen along Quinton Rd. bank of creek.
PIC: birds7 Birds 7 PIED CURRAWONG - p250 No 686
PIC: birds8 Birds 8 GREY BUTCHER BIRD - P.248 no.682 Often heard calling
PIC: birds9 Birds 9 GREY FANTAIL p230 No 633 Seen at bottom of Quinton Rd
PIC: birds10 Birds 10 RED WATTLE BIRD - p188 No 512
PIC: birds11 Birds 11 LITTLE WATTLE BIRD - p188 No 514B
PIC: birds12 Birds 12 SILVER EYES - p.272 no.746 Spring & Summer visitors.
PIC: birds13 Birds 13 WHITE FACED HERON - P.68 no.153
PIC: birds14 Birds 14 NANKEEN NIGHT HERON p.72 no.160. Both visitors to the creek.
PIC: birds15 Birds 15 RAINBOW LORIKEETS - p.134 no.344 Seen along creek Quinton Rd.