Golden whistler - habitat - golf courses, parks and gardens

Nests usually in upright fork of bush or low tree, 1m. high - also in blackberries, treeferns or long grass.

Silver Eyes - widespread along the creek in bushes and understory trees

White Plumed Honeyeaters - widespread along the creek

Spotted Pardalote - breed in chamber at end of burrow - overhanging cave near top of creek bed. Habitat - golf courses, orchards, parks and gardens.

Pacific Black Duck - seen along the mid section of the creek

Eastern Rosella - nest in tree hollows.

Song Thrush - nests in dense bush, shrubs and creeper against house or bank.

Grey Fantail - small wineglass shaped nest of grasses in fork of small tree or shrub.

Grey Butcherbird - nests in saplings or shrubby trees; e.g. Banksias, teatree or mistletoe, 2-l0m high.

Eastern Spinebill - nests - small cup attached to small fork in shrub or tree, 1-5m high.

Red Wattle and Little WattleBird.

Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike - nests - shallow cup on horizontal limb or fork - 6-20m high.

Brown Thombill - nests - domed - often near the ground.

Rainbow Lorikeets - nest in tree hollows.

Willie Wagtail. - nest - shallow neat cup - 1-5m. high - trees, street lamps, parts of buildings, sheltered.

Kookaburras. - widespread in upper story trees

Tawny Frogmouth - always near water - feed on moving food at night.


Pied Currawong.

Australian Hobby - Little Falcon. - seen flying along creek.

White Necked Crane - spotted in large gum tree near Riversdale Road end of creek

On one day in May 1996 these birds were seen in garden in Weafgreen Court -3 Eastern Spinebills,

2 White Plumed Honeyeaters, Brown Thombi II, Spotted Pardalote, Willie Wagtail,

Magpie, 2 Little Wattle birds.

Spotted Turtle Dove, Blackbirds, Miners.