A Tour of Back Creek - 2000

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PIC: bc1 This is a view of Back Creek looking north from Cornell St. The recent plantings of seedlings and native grasses by Melbourne Water can be seen in the foreground, as can the regrowth of weeds.
PIC: bc2 This was one of the gums growing on the bank of the creek near Cornell St. It blew over in a storm about 5 years ago.
PIC: bc3 A typical blockage of the creek by willow roots, etc. and the subsequent buildup of rubbish.
PIC: bc4 This old car seat has been a "feature" of the creek for some years.
PIC: bc5 Typical example of the fallen willow trees in the creek. The tree to the left is a pittosporum (from New Zealand), which are also common in the creek.
PIC: bc6 This supermarket trolley wedged under a willow trunk and festooned with litter is a highlight of a walk along the creek.
PIC: bc7 This picture and the one following show the typical situation with the bed of the creek.
PIC: bc8